MELFinance Solutions

MELFinance Solutions

MELFinance Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric Living Environmental Systems developed MELFinance Solutions to respond to current market conditions and the need for customers to manage cash flow, while benefitting from the installation of leading technology to reduce carbon emissions and operational costs.

MELFinance Solutions can help end user customers fund the cost of new equipment and its installation via hire-purchase finance. Put simply, this means that (subject to financial status), an end-user customer can repay the combination of ‘fixed asset’ and maintenance costs over an agreed period of between 1 to 5 years. For qualifying companies, it is a flexible alternative to a traditional bank loan that provides significant cash flow and tax benefits:

No need for hefty deposits

Finance deals are secured wholly or largely on the heating, cooling and/or ventilation equipment being financed

Stronger cash flow

Releases tied-up cash and preserves other forms of credit for other business or operational needs

Fixed, regular payments

Helps you plan for the future by eliminating uncertainty and costly surprises

Quick decisions

We always aim to provide a prompt turnaround for funding applications

Immediate payment

Settlement of the full installation and equipment invoice upon installation/delivery

More informationThe five year, “trouble-free” heating, cooling and ventilation finance package offers a host of advantages integrating on-site installation and commissioning fees, minimum three year warranty on all Mitsubishi Electric equipment and scheduled maintenance visits. Our 24/7 emergency technical helpline are also on hand for any on-site issues.

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Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for credit broking related to Mitsubishi Electric goods and services. See the Financial Services Register reference number: 680870 for full details. Hire purchase / finance lease will be considered subject to status by an independent finance house as facilitated by Mitsubishi Electric. Finance house’s terms and conditions apply. Formal application is required for hire purchase / finance lease and includes a credit check. This brochure does not constitute an offer to supply goods / services or provide or arrange hire purchase / finance lease. Finance house reserves the right to use the indicative financial illustration during negotiations with your client and to withdraw / amend terms without reasoning. All goods are supplied subject to Company’s General Terms and Conditions of sale, copy available upon request. Clients will be required to enter into a maintenance agreement as condition to hire purchase / finance lease.

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