M Series

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M Series

A multiple series line-up to choose from, each with various outstanding features. All our M Series models are inverter-driven with both wall mounted and floor-standinge models to select from.

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Wall Mounted System

These units have extremely quiet sound levels, whilst delivering economical air conditioning, with high seasonal SCOP/SEER figures. ​

Choose from Classic, Inverter, Zen or from our new R32 MSZ-LN range of designer wall units, available in Black, White and for the first time in Red.

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Floor Mounted System

High Capacity, Energy Savings with a simple flat design this series is extremely versatile and is designed for wall attached installation at floor level, harmonised to look good with all types of interiors. 

​The auto swing vane allows the freedom to customise comfort according to preferences throughout the room and the lightweight, compact design makes installation easy.

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Multi-Split Units

Multi-Split systems can connect between two and ten indoor units to each outdoor unit. The flexibility of the range allows you to create a system that best matches a buildings layout and design.

This makes it an economic answer whilst also delivering space saving benefits. Multi-Splts offer the ideal solution for your multi room air conditioning needs.

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