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The Mr Slim line-up includes a selection of eight indoor and four outdoor unit ranges, available in Power Inverter, Standard Inverter and Inverter. Offering high seasonal efficiency, advanced control options and extended pipe runs, the new Power Inverter range is extremely flexible and utilises low GWP R32 refrigerant. Available in ceiling cassette, ceiling concealed ducted, wall mounted and ceiling suspended systems, the new R32 Power Inverter range blends a host of outstanding features with a sophisticated design.

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Ceiling Cassette System

A complete line-up of Power Inverter (new R32 & R410A), Standard Inverter and Inverter systems that offer added energy savings. The incorporation of wide air outlets and a new square design grille improves airflow distribution control, achieving an enhanced level of comfort throughout the room. The synergy of higher energy efficiency and more comfortable room environment results in improved user satisfaction.                           

The SLZ 600x600 series is perfect to fit in a standard ceiling tile and offers inverter technology alongside quiet operation - this lightweight unit makes installation simple.  

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Wall Mounted System

The compact flat panel wall mounted indoor units offer the convenience of simple installation with a wide product line-up (3.5-10.0kW models) that is also available using our new R32 Power Inverters. Designed for highly efficient energy savings, the PKA Series is the answer to your air conditioning needs. Our wall mounted systems offer customers high seasonal efficiency, advanced control options and quiet operation, whilst providing greater flexibility and ease of installation.

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Ceiling Concealed Ducted System

The thin, ceiling concealed indoor units that make up the PEAD Series are the perfect answer for the air conditioning needs of buildings with limited ceiling installation space and wide ranging external static pressures. Offering high seasonal efficiency, a reduction in operating costs and now available using our new R32 Power Inverters, the height of the units (all sizes) has now been unified to 250mm, making installation in low ceiling voids even easier and simpler.

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Large Capacity Ceiling Concealed Ducted System

The PEA Series has a vast line-up of performance functions. Extended pipe work installation is also supported, increasing freedom in the placement of indoor units. A flexible duct design and 150Pa external static high-pressure are incorporated. The increased variation in airflow options ensures operation that best matches virtually all room layouts.

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Ceiling Suspended System

A stylish, streamlined square-like design allows the range to better blend in with a ceiling. Airflow settings for both high and low ceiling interiors further expand installation possibilities. Together with an exceptional energy-saving performance and the ability to use these units on our new R32 Power Inverters, these units are the solution to a wide range of air conditioning needs. Advanced control options and quiet operation provide greater flexibility and ease of installation.

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Stainless Steel Ceiling Suspended System

Standard features for this unique Mitsubishi Electric  system include a strong carbon-black stainless steel body and built-in oil mist filter to prevent oil from getting into the unit. The PCA-HA provides a comfortable air conditioning environment in kitchens that use open-flame cooking. Available in 7.1kW both dirt and stains are removed easily, enabling the unit to be kept clean at all times.

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Floor Mounted System

Quick and easy installation, space-saving and a design that compliments any interior. The PSA floor-standing indoor unit compliments the Mitsubishi Electric range of indoor units and is mounted on the floor, enabling quick installation. Its compact body requires only minimal space.. The sleek, modern design of this unit is ideal for numerous applications including bars and restaurants or where there is a sudden need for an air conditioner to be installe.

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Air Curtain

An air curtain minimises the amount of cold air entering a building , whilst keeping warm air inside to maximise efficiency.The use of a Mr Slim inverter-driven, outdoor heat pump significantly minimises the energy used compred to traditional air curtains whilst maximising  the comfort. In conjunction with leading air curtain manufacturers Thermoscreen we have now produced a range of exposed and ceiling mouted air curtains in 1m 1.5m and 2m lengths. 

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Air Handling Unit Controller

The Air Handling Unit Controllers are an interface to allow connection to third party manufacturer equipment. Mitsubishi Electric Mr Slim outdoor units can be used with this interface box, creating an ideal solution when a unique air handling unit is required.

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