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The key challenges for commercial buildings over the next twenty years are energy efficiency and carbon reduction. The Committee on Climate Change is focused on a 50% reduction in carbon emissions from 1990 levels by 2025.

This goal is the common driver behind much of the current legislation and initiatives established by government which are now impacting on the built environment. These include:

Part L of the Building Regulations

The Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme

Energy Performance Certificates

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

As a result of these factors, building designers, managers and owners must still comply with legislation while balancing the requirement to provide comfortable, productive environments for occupants.

It is also widely accepted that building services use the bulk of energy in most non-domestic buildings – around 80% according to bodies such as the Carbon Trust – with cooling regarded as one of the most energy-hungry factors. Fortunately, a number of technologies are available for air conditioning a building, and one of the longest-established of these available are chillers.

  • Air source and water cooled chillers are refrigeration systems used to cool fluids or dehumidify air in both commercial buildings and industrial facilities.
  • Chilled water has a variety of applications from space cooling to process uses.
  • The components of water cooled chillers and air cooled chillers are very similar with each product containing an evaporator, condenser, compressor, and an expansion valve. The primary difference is whether air, ground or water is used to provide the condenser cooling.

Mitsubishi Electric provide both air source and water cooled chillers across two
distinct ranges:

e-series Range - Comprising of cooling only, heat pump and heating only models, ​Mitsubishi Electric’s e-series modular chiller range provides the perfect chiller solution.​ The e-series modular chiller range uses highly efficient scroll compressor technology, along with advanced inverters and controls to deliver exceptional efficiency and wide operating range.

NX Range - a new generation of cooling only water chiller designed for comfort and process cooling applications that is fully customisable and suitable for a wide range of applications. The NX range of units are all certified by the Eurovent program, offering the highest guarantee of quality and reliability.