ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance)

ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance)


DECC (The Department of Energy and Climate Change) supports businesses keen to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, through the use of energy efficient equipment and low carbon technologies.
Managed by The Carbon Trust, it provides specialist support to help commercialise low carbon technologies. It aims to help businesses develop and implement sustainable strategies to deliver competitive advantage and economic return, using tools such as the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme - a tax relief incentive to help purchase new efficient equipment.
The ECA is a straightforward way for businesses to improve cash flow through accelerated tax relief. The scheme encourages businesses to invest in energy saving plant or machinery which meet published energy saving criteria managed by the Carbon Trust on behalf of Government.
Companies can write off 100% of the capital cost of qualifying equipment against taxable profits in the first year of purchase. This provides a welcome cash flow boost and a tax incentive to encourage investment in energy saving technology.
Mitsubishi Electric has developed a range of highly efficient systems which successfully qualify for ECA and are registered on the Energy Technology List or meet the published criteria, supported by manufacturer approved eligibility documents.
Air Source: Split and Multi-split (incl VRF) products became an "UNLISTED" technology on 7th August 2014. For products purchased from this date onwards, purchasers need to obtain a statement from Mitsubishi Electric to confirm that the product meets the eligibility criteria in force at the time of purchase. This statement should then be used as the supporting evidence for the purchaser’s ECA claim. Note that previously listed products will show on the ETL as removed on 7th August. This does not necessarily mean that the products are no longer eligible for ECA claims – just that they have all been removed from the Energy Technology Product List, because the sub-technology category is now unlisted. Purchasers may continue to claim ECAs if the product meets the criteria detailed on the Energy Technology Criteria List, and is certified as such by Mitsubishi Electric. For enquiries contact
Click here to download the statement of eligibility for split type (M Series and Mr Slim) air conditioning units
Please contact your local sales office for completing the City Multi VRF air conditioning master list calculator

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