Call us nowIf you believe that an air conditioning unit has failed during its warranty period we recommend you contact our Technical Support Desk on 0161 866 6089 to confirm your observations and establish the precise parts requiring replacement.

To order replacement parts under warranty please ask to be transferred to our Warranty department or contact them directly on 0161 866 6089 (option 3). They will assist you in identifying the correct part number to order.

Your official purchase order should be submitted, together with a fully completed warranty claim form which can be downloaded from this website or, alternatively, can be faxed to you.

WarrantyOn receipt of the purchase order (which should be clearly marked as a warranty claim), providing that your order is received before 2.00pm and is for delivery within mainland UK, the part(s) will be dispatched to you the next working day. The parts order will not be treated as a potential warranty claim until supported by a fully completed warranty claim form.

Ideally, this form should be submitted at the same time as the parts order, but we allow a maximum period of seven days for submission, before the warranty claim is rejected.

On receipt of the warranty claim form a validation process will be followed to ensure all conditions of warranty are met. Should there be any query, you will be contacted directly by the warranty department.

We may request for the parts to be returned at our cost for inspection. For this purpose, parts must be retained for a maximum of 30 days before disposal. On successful validation of the warranty claim a full credit for the part(s) will be issued within 30 days of the claim being made. Should a warranty claim be rejected a full explanation will be provided and the invoice for the parts will be payable.

Download the Warranty Claim request form

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